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appOgeo is a free CITA (City & Travel Assistant) that enables using mobile and desktop devices either on or off line, easily plan, book and share just about every aspect of a leisure or business trip as well as organize life in any city with updated information in ten languages, on places, events and transport. 

available for all locations worldwide.

City content and default navigation comes in English but 10 other languages are available including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Off line
utilisation of maps from
OpenStreetMap and downloading of city information to the device minimises roaming charges and ensures your plans are constantly available.

City content comes from providers who publish it on the web, either for free or through in-app purchase, presenting it organised into three sections: 

- Places including attractions, restaurants and hotels. 

- Events including art, nightlife, music, theater, filmspor and sports.
- Transport info to get into or around a city based on geographic availability.

and events come with broad multimedia information that can be displayed on the map, utilised in lists and organised into calendars or schedules which ensures your City time is effectively managed. You can as well  create your own list or adapt lists written by experts or shared by other users. Comments for attractions come from different sources and can be shared with the community allowing the user advised decisions.

Transport booking can be done in many cities and is constantly growing depending on market availability.


Download App


Universal iOS  app available for iPhone and iPad

appOgeo from iTunes

app will be available from June 2015 for mobile phones and tablets.

Windows Phone
app will be available from June 2015 for mobile phones and tablets.


. Browser version will be available from June 2015.

City information

City information is divided into sections for ease of organisation. The list is formatted to logically follow the flow of a day to enable ease of planning.  


Transport information

The screen is divided ‘getting around the city’ at the top and ‘getting in the city’ below.

When an option to book through the app is available “book” will appear. If not “info” will provide useful information without booking.


Information display

The information in any category of the App is displayed by clicking on any of these buttons on the navigation bar.

– Current offers and events available in your location
– Places to visit sorted by criteria

– Places of interested sorted by proximity


Once inside a point of interest, maps either online or offline are displayed at the top of the screen. Below are photos and videos. Below can be found the www section, with articles and a webpage. Info shows entries to Cityseeker, Wikipedia and Wikivoyager. Events taking place there are shown below the date. In comments,  are shown those written by the user and those written by other people and published by different information providers.